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Remittance Platform

Foreign inward remittances is a complex business process which involves several stake holders such as bank treasury , remittance departments, FX dealers and exchange houses . Today there are several inefficiences in the process , becuase many of the stake holders use separate IT systems spread across multiple enterprises. Blockchain based remittance solution will provide a single source of truth for all the stake holders and will provide capabilites to achieve realtime reconcillation .

Energy Trader

We forsee a sustainable world where micro grids as the answer to many of todays probelms related to power generation and distribution. Digiledge energy trading platform uses machine learning with blockchain technology to provide next generation decentralized energy trading platform for a sustainable society . Distributed ledger with smart contracts will power the contract automation . Machine learning techniques will help smart contracts to take decisions .

Decentralized Invoice Platform

Digiledge Blockchain based invoice platform is a unique solution, which uses capabilities of blockchain to prevent classical double spending or fraud of invoices. Our solution helps SME to achive liquidity. The platform uses cutting edge technology for doing match making , recommendation and credit scoring of intented buyers and sellers.


Tailor made blockchain solutions for your enterprise


Business analysis for identifying the right blockchain solution for the given problem . We provide end to end security audit and analysis for blockchain deployment and smart contract development based on our expereince in deploying live enterprise blockchain networks .


Using digiledge middleware and based on expereince in working with tier one customers , we know the perils of enterprise integration of blockchain. This experience coupled with deep knowledge of Ethereum, Hyperledger, Corda and other platforms we are in a position to deliver faster and meaning ful proof of concepts.


We provide end to end solutions for ICOs ,Crypto exchanges .We understand the business and technology of ICOs and crypto exchanges. Our offering starts with business consulting , requirement formalization , identifying the right technology and solution implementaiton.

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